About NIC-Mauritanie 

The law 025/2013 on the regulation of electronic communications in Mauritania which aims, inter alia, at regulating the technical, administrative and commercial management of domain names under the top-level domain in Mauritania, gives NIC Mauritania competence for the functions of Registry in charge of the management and administration of the national domain ccTLD mr.

The missions of NIC Mauritania are to:

- Organize, administer and manage the .MR ccTLD domain in the public interest and according to principles of quality, efficiency, reliability and accessibility. It follows in particular the procedures adopted by ICANN;

- Register the domain under .mr, directly or through any accredited registrar, the domain names requested by natural or legal persons, in accordance with the principles of efficiency, speed, transparency and non-discrimination;

- Maintain and operate in a stable and secure way the servers of .mr domain names;

- Ensure the security and integrity of the domain name databases;

- Establish and implement a naming plan for the ".mr" zone, in accordance with Mauritanian law, and the dissemination of the corresponding information;

- Ensure any mission entrusted to it by the public authorities as part of the management of the Internet.