New Policy for the ccTLD .MR

So far the NIC-Mauritania is the only structure that registers domain names under the dot MR ccTLD zone. This is changing since December 1, 2017, with the implementation of a New Domain Name Registration Policy for .MR zone.


 What are the changes?

1. Applicants wishing to register or make any changes must choose a Registrar accredited by NIC-Mauritania.

2. The opening of third-level domain names under .ORG.MR, .PERSO.MR and .EDU.MR

3. The possibility of registering proper names (such as Family names) as domain names

4. The application of new cost since December 1, 2017.


Transitional provisions


To facilitate the transition to the new registration system transitional provisions are foreseen:

- Previously registered .mr domain names will be managed directly by NIC Mauritanie, which will apply to the incumbents the flat fee corresponding to a domain name creation for one year. Registrants who do not wish to pay the amount by 31/12/2017 will have their domain name removed.

- These previously registered will have one year to choose a registrar.

- In the absence of an accredited registrar, NIC-Mauritania will continue to register new domains (click to download the form