Frequently Asked Questions


I am an individual, do I have the right to register a domain name under the .mr extensions

Anyone residing on the Mauritanian territory or any Mauritanian abroad can register a domain name under the .mr extension. The name chosen may be your last name, your first name or a nickname. It may also reflect a passion, personal project or favorite place, with the exception of names reserved for public bodies and communities.


 I chose a domain name, how to check that it is not already registered?

To check that the domain name you have chosen is not already registered, consult the Whois service on the NIC-Mauritania website.


 The domain name I chose already exists in .mr What should I do?

The rule that applies to the domain name registrations in Mauritania is first come, first served. In most cases, we advise you to wait for the chosen name to become available again or, alternatively, to register another name, similar to the one you originally chose (for example, add a distinctive geographical or personal indication).


 Can I register a domain name for the sole purpose of protecting it?

Yes, subject to meeting all the conditions of registration of a domain name. For this, you will need to complete the registration procedure via your registrar. This will have the effect of publishing the domain name in the Whois directory and thus protecting it for the duration of registration by indicating that you are the sole owner. A second procedure, activation, remains necessary to use this domain name on the Internet (for a website or as an email address base), but it is not mandatory.


How many domain names can I register?

If you meet the eligibility requirements for individuals or organizations, there is no limit to the number of domain names that you can register. Be careful, the registration of a domain name is subject to annual charges that allows the maintenance of your rights on this name. The amount of this charge is set by your Registration Office and associated with the services it offers.


I lost my Registrar credentials to access the NIC-Mauritania platform (login, password). Who can help me?


Contact NIC-Mauritania. Our team will answer you as soon as possible and will tell you what to do.


Is the transaction rate shown on your site the one I have to bill my clients?

No, you are free to apply the rate of your choice to your customers.


Following a voluntary transmission or transfer, if the domain name had been created or renewed for x year (s), does the registrar keep these registration years?

Yes, those years are not lost.


How will tacit renewal / maintenance work?

A tacit renewal (maintenance) operation occurs as soon as a domain name expires. It adds one year to the original expiration date. This transaction is billed the month following the initial expiry date, as is the case today.


I do not know who the registrar manager of my domain name is. How to find it?

The name and contact information of your Registration Office is published in the Whois directory. Type your domain name and choose the extension to view them.


I change my Internet Service Provider. Do I have to change registrars?

No, this is not mandatory at all. Nothing prevents you from keeping the same Registrar if you change your internet service provider. However, do not forget to report it and, if necessary, to request a technical update so that the redirection to your new servers is done correctly. As for the change of Internet Service Provider (ISP), it does not affect your domain name.


Can I give or resell my domain name to someone else?

Yes, you are free to transfer (free or for a fee) your domain name to any natural or legal person who meets the requirements for registering a .mr domain name. It is up to the person to whom you assign or resell the domain name to choose a Registrar who will take care of the voluntary transfer operation.


What if I do not want my domain name anymore?

Contact your Registrar to request the deletion of your domain name. From the point of view of NIC-Mauritania, this operation is free and can be carried out at any time. However, we advise you to make sure beforehand that the service contract concluded with your Registration Office allows you to do it well.