The benefit of choosing a .mr domain name

 The ".mr" domain is a top-level Internet domain that refers to the Internet space reserved for the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

 First, choosing a .mr domain name gives you the opportunity to assert your membership in the mauritanian community.

By registering your domain name under ".mr" you:

·       Register your Mauritanian identity on the Internet

·       Protect your brands and the name of your company

·       Enjoy proximity

·       Choose and register your domain name under this extension .mr affirms your membership in the Mauritanian Internet community.


 The dangers of not reserving one's domain name:

The most dramatic situation can occur when someone register your domain name before you.

You have to prepare for the following two scenarios: either a speculator has bought the name and then wants to sell it for a much higher price, or the worst is your competitor who owns your domain name. In the latter case, it is much more complicated or impossible to pick up your domain name.