Become a Registrar

Any legal entity wishing to exercise registrar activity for .mr domain names must be accredited.

 This accreditation is issued by NIC Mauritania according to non-discriminatory and transparent rules published on its website.

 The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that the registrar meets the technical, organizational and financial requirements necessary to fulfill the obligations set out in the naming charter and the registration agreement.

 Accreditation is issued by NIC Mauritania on the basis of the only information provided by the registrars. NIC Mauritania reserves the right to carry out checks on the information given in the file. If it turns out that the information was false or incomplete, the accreditation would be suspended.

 Accreditation cannot therefore be understood as a guarantee or a mark of quality of the activities of the registrar.

Entities applying for accreditation of NIC Mauritania to register domain names and associated services within the .mr extension are deemed to fully and completely accept the obligations as registrar of, in order of importance:

       The .mr Naming Charter

       Registration contract linking them to NIC Mauritania

If the registrar is accepted it should make payments of the accreditation fee (20000 MRU or 500 EURO) once as soon as the registrar signed the agreement.



- Identification form

- Accreditation form